We are a platform for visual and performance arts located in Zurich, Switzerland. We host exhibitions, performances and organize various events, including lectures, artists' workshops for children, and support various multidisciplinary collaborations.

The aim of L-Art Space is to bring remarkable people together to discuss their personal insights, expertise, and interests on contemporary topics. In addition to simply satisfying the curiosity and learning, we hope that the dialogues between the artist and the audience will expand our perspectives individually and collectively in the city of Zurich so that we can broaden our thinking, challenge our opinions, and through these make even more meaningful contributions to the world.

What do we Do?

We Introduce new formats to the art scene in order to deepen the dialogue (1) between artists of different art disciplines themselves, (2) between experts from the art scene and artists, (3) between artists and the public.

Artists' Meetings
We aim to set a sustainable environment that allows artists to discuss artistic practices and means to encounter artistically the challenges of our times

Artists meet experts
We aim to set an environment, in which the dispute/dialogue between artists and experts will bring further the quality of artistic and expert thinking and their practices.
Artists' Research
We aim to set a space that communicates the results of Artistic Research regularly to improve artistic practices and to showcase artistic research results as important for the art world.
Collaborative projects
We aim to present regularly the potential of collaborative art practices and art works as relevant contributions to the needs, urgencies and challenges of our times


Extracurricular, Charity
K2K | Artists to Kids in Need
Apr 19-29, 2023
In April 2023 the Swiss Association Empowering Underprivileged Children together with Lechbinska Gallery launches a special charity art auction in order to raise funds and support a charity initiative Kinderhilfe Kambodscha e.V. (KKeV) in Cambodia.

KKeV has a children's village for up to 100 children and a street children program that provides school support for up to 120 street children.
Illuminating Darkness | Bignia Wehrli & Liao Wenfeng
We've discussed with the artists how light and shadow are generated and extinguished in a moving space and time. Bignia Wehrli and Liao Wenfeng will give insights into their individual artistic practice and show how they capture and record moments of light and darkness using different media.

Mit dieser Ausstellung der Werke von Yoojoo Kim und Judith Trepp, die im 60. Jubiläumsjahr der diplomatischen Beziehungen zwischen der Schweiz und Korea stattfindet, soll die persönliche Seite des internationalen Kunst- und Kulturaustauschs betont werden, dessen Ursprung häufig in einer (zufälligen) menschlichen Begegnung zu finden ist. Das für die Ausstellung titelgebende Wort «Islands» spielt auf ein Gedicht des koreanischen Poeten Hyun-jung Jeong an, in dem die Insel einen zwischenmenschlichen Ort symbolisiert, an dem Kommunikation und Austausch stattfindet. Kuriatiert von Yujin Kim.