Passage - in the wake of the world
Passage In the Wake of the World is a trans-disciplinary, trans-generational and trans-cultural project, Bringing together painter Angela Lyn from Switzerland, composer Jesse Bannister from the UK and choreographer Durante Verzola from the USA. This collaborative performance will launch at Chambers ArtFarm, NY, on May 20, 2023.

A wooden crate measuring 154 x 212 x 52 cm containing 20 made-to-measure paintings embarks on a journey from Angela Lyn’s studio in southern Switzerland to New York. Upon arrival, the crate is unpacked and installed in dialogue with the space. Within a physical and metaphoric narrative, the crate transforms into a sailing vessel carrying two passengers: two dancers. Their interacting with the music and the paintings becomes a metamorphosis of dreams and realities stirring in the wake of the world.

Having survived a wild storm, the passengers find themselves stranded on the rocks in a state of amnesia. Slowly emerging from the unknown, they hear music and awaken to the realization of a world they have lost. Driven by survival instinct, they leave the vessel and come upon a mirage of cedar trees. Fata Morgana. In wild assimilation with the lyrical branches, they are drawn into the midst of a deep euphoria. Almost lost, they stumble upon the clay child, a heavy bronze doll the size of a newborn that appears beneath a pile of rubble. Retrieving the figure, they struggle back to the vessel. Evening comes. They walk to the black mountaina pas de deux traversing a five-meter landscape - a rite of passage leading them to new awareness. Night falls. They return to the vessel and wait for daybreak.

The three artists have built this project long distance between Miami, London and Lugano. After its launch, Passage in the Wake of the World will travel to various cities in the US before returning to Europe. The collaborative work will evolve in response to the journey and its encounters.
  • Chambers Fine Art, New York
    promotion and hosting
  • Lechbinska Gallery, Zurich
    Fund raising & Promotion, European Partner
PASSAGE Timeline
May 20
May 20
Chambers ArtFarm, Salt Point, NY
Launch of the project Passage - in the wake of the world
We are delighted to be partners of Passage in the Wake of the World. The project will launch at Chambers ArtFarm on May 20, 2023, hosted by Chambers Fine Art who represent Angela Lyn. The modern high-tech venue designed by the renowned artist Ai Wei-Wei, in the upstate New York is an ideal location.
    We offer a special selection of artworks by Angela Lyn. Both gallery and artist renounce their commission in order to enable this project.
    Waving At the Harbour's Edge
    We offer a double 100% Crepe de Chine silk with a print of a painting by Angela Lyn from her new series Passage - in the Wake of the World.

    CHF 420 (incl. VAT)
  • SLIPPERS Step of the wave
    Angela Lyn’s work is a layering of imagery and context. Re-envisioning the 600 slippers she made for her recent exhibition On the Edge of Time recalling the ancestral spirits, the same slippers now step forwards into the wake of the world. Should you wish to acquire a pair: one slipper stays with you and the other joins the Passage on its metaphoric and physical journey.

    One slipper stays with you; the other joins the wake of Passage and will travel with the exhibition. You are invited to send your thoughts and wishes about transition in a troubled world , written on a piece of paper which will be placed in the toe of your travelling slipper. Unless you wish to decline we will add your name to the supporter list.

    CHF 200 (Sizes s, m, l, xl)
  • BUDGET AIM - 35'000 CHF

DIALOGUE | Giaco Schiesser

Giaco Schiesser on Artistic Cooperations, ‘Eigensinn’ and the work of Angela Lyn
Passage patrons
    • Deborah & Charles Adelman
    • Lady Cristina Owen-jones
    • Bruce Halpryn & Chas Riebe
    Passage Friends
      • Aquado Maria
      • Bianchi Gabriela
      • Bornevelli Christine
      • Candia Camaggi
      • Fantozzi Esme
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