Angela Lyn From me to you II, 2019

Angela Lyn
oil on canvas 68x68 cm.

There is something in the human mind that is undefined, porous, full of ambiguity and
possibility. I will call it blue. Blue is something that cannot be grasped. An endless opening
drawing one beyond the boundaries of what one knows. Blue is a place from which one is
born and to which one returns when one dies; it’s traces lingering in our minds, between
one thing and another. Blue is the thin membrane between reality and imagination,
between reason and impulse. Blue is an unexpected sound, a smell, the light on a
doorknob, the peel of a grape or the fleeting look in the eyes of a stranger. Blue is that
moment of distracted thought when one finds oneself suddenly floating in the
unfathomable of life, free and captive at once.
Blue is a dance. A free fall.