Li TingWei
do not donut

June 16— September 16 2021
The solo exhibition DO NOT DONUT presents a selection of video and object installations from the years 2017-2020. The phonetic transcription /duːnɒt/ and /ˈdəʊˌnʌt/ offers sound complexes that minimally differ in the set of its acoustic features, coining into a pattering und wanton phrase. It resembles the frequent appeals of “Dos” and “Don’ts” in the infinite number of shows and pitches by the leadership coaches. Semantically, “donut” itself can have several connotations and serve as a metaphor of our contemporary society.

Originally a hole poked with a finger in the dough allowed donut to fry quicker and evener. A donut glazed in pink with sprinkled confetti on top became a symbol of the consumerist behaviour and fast food industry in the West. A swimming ring in form of a donut floating on blue waters of a swimming pool is a frequent hero of social media posts, promoting a chilled and carefree lifestyle, rather than serving as a lifebuoy in the critical situations.
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CH-8008 Zürich
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