Lechbinska Gallery provides the Swiss public and global netizens with critical insights into timely issues, new art tendencies, and cultural identities. The gallery features regular solo and group exhibitions by international contemporary artists as well as provides secondary market inventory and art consultations for Swiss and international collectors.

We strongly believe that art should be an integral part of our lives while reflecting our unique tastes and stories. By fostering constructive thought and dialogue, we help our clients acquire exceptional artwork while supporting living artists.

The gallery is located in downtown Zurich, a 3-min-walk from the Opera House and the lakeside. The venue is easily accessible with public transport (Stadelhofen station).

Xiao Se
Another Place
Some Other Time
February 24 - April 15 2023
This is an exhibition about the accumulation of days and months and the constant repetition of the everyday. Zeng Zhe has painted over a thousand watercolors in the last three years. In particular, two significant works 'attributed to Yayoi Kusama' have recently been made, while the others are mostly 'untitled'. Along with Zeng Zhe's paintings, we have collaborated on a book that explores whether there are connections between women in different times and geographical locations that transcend time and space and reflect each other.

Zeng Zhe's film Another Place, Some Other Time presents Zeng Zhe's creative process and everyday state. A displaced person, a three-year epidemic, a hometown that cannot be returned to. Through repeated brush strokes, the borders of paper and time gradually deposited traces, regular or irregular edges, tangible and intangible, colours accompanying the paper and pigments, appearing in the light.

The exhibition focuses on almost all of Zeng Zhe's works on paper over the past three years as a summary of this creative phase. Finally, we will meet you in 2023 at Lechbinska Gallery in Zurich.

Text by Li Zhenhua
  • Fundraising, Auction
    K2K | Artists to Kids in Need
    In April 2023 the Swiss Association Empowering Underprivileged Children together with Lechbinska Gallery launches a special charity art auction in order to raise funds and support a charity initiative Kinderhilfe Kambodscha e.V. (KKeV) in Cambodia.

    KKeV has a children's village for up to 100 children and a street children program that provides school support for up to 120 street children.
  • Youtube
    Giaco Schiesser on Artistic Cooperations, "Eigensinn" and the work of Angela Lyn
    Giaco Schiesser, Prof. emeritus for culture and media theories and for artistic research, Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK, talks with Julia Lechbinska about the artistic cooperation, Eigensinn and work of Angela Lyn. Giaco states, that "I believe in cooperation if two artists create something completely new or something that makes big difference from what the audience has seen before. Then it is worthwhile to bring together two artists."
  • Opening
    ZENG ZHE | another place some other
    February 23, 2023, 14-16h
    Zeng Zhe was born in Zhejiang in 1980. She entered the secondary school affiliated of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996 and the Central Academy of Drama in 1999, majoring in stage design. In 2014, she held a solo exhibition, "Moment of Being" (EGG Gallery, Beijing), moved to Berlin in 2017, participated in the choreography of the opera "Turandot" at Ai Weiwei Studio in 2018-2019, and completed the book “Another Place, Some Other Time" with Li Zhenhua from 2020-2022. Currently lives and works in Berlin. The exhibition is curated by Li Zhenhua.