Art That gets ahead
Embrace the worthwhile and deep-rooted art by your contemporaries that nourishes your intellect and emotions.
Collecting Together
an artwork that you place in your environment plays a meaningful role. It can fuel you for a new accomplishment, it can nourish you with thoughts and ideas, and it can calm you down after a stressful day.
How It Works
Individual Approach
We believe, that each of the collectors has a story to tell. Herewith your collection bears a unique character. The artwork can fuel you up for a new day or bring you back in balance in the end of the day.
Selection of ARTISTS
We work with mid-career artists, who proved their skills and relevance of their art at numerous institutional exhibitions and projects. Their art is highly valued and collected internationally.
Collecting Together
Get in touch with us for a personal appointment, and after discussing some key points, we'll be able to pick up an artwork for your collection, that will embolden your daily routine.
WestBund Shanghai
Nov 9-12, 2023
Oct 20-22, 2023
Upcoming Fairs
I_lands with Judith Trepp & Yoojoo Kim
Aug 26-Sep 26
5 steps to Balance your life with art
Do you feel overwhelmed with the visuals surrounding you? Would you like to make your life more balanced and meaningful? Art can help you to tune in for a day. Our recipe is in the attached PDF.