Lechbinska Gallery provides the Swiss public and global netizens with critical insights into timely issues, new art tendencies, and cultural identities. The gallery features regular solo and group exhibitions by international contemporary artists as well as provides secondary market inventory and art consultations for Swiss and international collectors.

We strongly believe that art should be an integral part of our lives while reflecting our unique tastes and stories. By fostering constructive thought and dialogue, we help our clients acquire exceptional artwork while supporting living artists.

The gallery is located in downtown Zurich, a 3-min-walk from the Opera House and the lakeside. The venue is easily accessible with public transport (Stadelhofen station).

Current exhibition
Johan Gelper’s Studio
[demountable spatial drawings]
May 6 - July 8 2023
Lechbinska Gallery is excited to present the first Swiss solo show of a Belgian artist, Johan Gelper.

Johan Gelper specializes in large-scale, site-specific and mixed-media sculptures, often making use of recycled materials. He works with found both natural and manufactured materials. He adjusts them and creates new visual and tactile experiences, often introducing a playful element in his work. One needs to walk around the “spatial drawing” in order to attain a more complete experience of the sculptures. The works are in fact sculptural events that are activated by the viewer's real-time multi-sensory perception. Johan gets his inspiration from the early Russian constructivists, whose sculptures like the ones by Vladimir Tatlin, had revolutionary for their time materiality and a unique relationship to the environment around them.

Behind Johan’s work, there’s a lot of research and experimentation. Geotropism is one of the notions that Johan borrows from botanics: geotropism is the response of plants to gravity. Johan comments: “Cells at the tips of the plant measure what's up and down. The stems have a negative form of geotropism: they grow against gravity. I chose it because I somehow find a similarity between the language of sculpture and the language of botany. In sculpture, we also often speak of positive and negative space, gravity, and balance.“ Next to exploring different mediums and techniques, Johan juxtaposes the geometrical and organic forms.

Next to demountable spatial drawings we present a selection of Johan Gelper’s 2D drawings. Their composition is often the result of an intuitive merging of botanical drawings, technical designs, and abstract elements, which together form a new whole that hovers between figuration and abstraction. In this way, they’re somewhere between an unfettered “écriture automatique” and a consciously constructed system.
Mühlebachstrasse 12
CH-8008 Zürich
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Johan Gelper

May 6 | Opening in the presence of the artist RSVP
May 7 | Brunch with Artist RSVP only
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June 12-18, 2023
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Art Basel and photobasel VIPs gain free entry to VOLTA. General admission ticket holders for these fairs are offered a discounted admission.

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Jun 2, 2023
Ein geführter Besuch der Gallery Lechbinska. Die Gallery Lechbinska wurde 2020, von einer ehemaligen Teilnehmerin des Lehrgangs gegründet und konzentriert sich auf zeitgenössische, mehrheitlich ostasiatische Kunst, die im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kultur und Identität steht. Wir werden durch die aktuelle Ausstellung [demountable spatial drawings] geführt und diskutieren die Schwierigkeiten, mit welchen sich besonders junge Galerien auf dem heutigen internationalen Kunsthandelsplatz konfrontiert sehen.
Artist in Focus | Xiao Se
XIAO SE / 萧瑟 (*1970) grew up in Beijing in the second half of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). He experienced the tumultuous socio-political and cultural climate during the 1978 liberalist economic reform and the late ’80s student movements. He is best known for his surrealist paintings, which skillfully fuse religious motifs in the early Renaissance masterpieces into realistic portrayals of individuals’ living conditions in postsocialist China. From 1986 to 1991, Xiao studied in Beijing’s School of Fine Arts, the PRC. In 1995, he graduated from the Environment Art Design Center at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Design. In 2000, Xiao Se was nominated as one of the Emerging Talents in Chinese Oil Paintings in the official art magazine Art Research.