light light
bignia Wehrli & LIAO Wenfeng

December 10 2022 - February 4 2023
Light is electromagnetic radiation that can be perceived by the human eyes. Bignia Wehrli, with her scientific approach, records the light waves sent by distant stars, including the closest one to the Earth, the Sun. The light waves travel through space for many years before they reach Earth and can be seen. Liao Wenfeng on the other side focuses on the light produced by the means available on Earth. Candlelight symbolizes in many religions light coming from the Divinity. Light is also a source for energy. Sunlight provides energy in green plants that is being released into the living things that digest them. And the candlelight can metaphorically warm the hearts during the upcoming festive season.
Mühlebachstrasse 12
CH-8008 Zürich
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Fri & Sat 12:00-18:00 | upon appointment

T +41 43 243 71 06

Bignia Wehrli
Liao Wenfeng

December 10, 17-20h ⎮ Opening in the presence of artists