The works of Yafeng Duan emerge from the harmonious interweaving of art and nature, a connection that transcends mere observation of the surrounding environment. Yafeng Duan’s artistic vision has been shaped by her father, Duan Xinran – a prominent figure in traditional Chinese ink painting – and their shared experiences in nature. Together, they spent countless hours immersed in natural settings, where Yafeng learned to draw by translating the landscape before her eyes onto paper.

Yafeng’s abstract artworks are a fusion of vibrant forms and colours, juxtaposed with the pure white of the untouched canvas. The artist creates a space that invites free interpretations, a place open to the observer’s imagination. The intuitive yet controlled application of color reflects the dynamic interaction among elements, a visual choreography that develops spontaneously, without preliminary sketches.

The title of the exhibition, Lucid, not only alludes to the visible pictorial effect on the canvas but also signifies a mental state of clarity, essential for the artist to produce her art. This refers to the Chinese concept of Qi, which permeates the art of Yafeng. Qi is understood as a meditative practice, serving as a tool to expand pictorial spaces and a mental guide in the creative process.

Yafeng Duan’s art is also a reflection on humanity, our souls, and, especially, nature. The latter serves as a source of inspiration and necessary information, giving life to dynamic paintings where brushstrokes are infused with emotions.
Lucid is not merely an artistic experience, but it is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where mental clarity becomes a form of art, ready to unveil the beauty of creative thought.
Mühlebachstrasse 12
CH-8008 Zürich
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Thu – Sat 12 - 18 h

T +41 43 243 71 06

Yafeng Duan

Feb 8, 17–20h | Chinese New Year celebration with Yafeng Duan
Feb 10,15-17h | Artist in Focus: Yafeng Duan. RSVP
Apr 6, 11h | Private event for Sinokultur
April 6, 16-18h | Finissage in the presence of the artist