Our Mission

Founded in 2020, Lechbinska Gallery focuses on the contemporary art created in between cultures and identities. The curatorial program is designed to enhance your understanding of today’s art market, art mediums, and art historical discourse.

Our mission is to bridge cultural theories, art historical studies, and artistic modes of cultural production. We support young and experienced collectors thanks to our expertise in art paradigms, movements, and techniques.

We strongly believe that art should be an integral part of our lives while reflecting our unique tastes and stories. By fostering constructive thought and dialogue, we help our clients acquire exceptional artwork while supporting living artists.

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Our Artists
We select and curate outstanding artworks by some of the most inspiring artists working today. We actively support them in the promotion of their work through exhibitions and collaborations.

Most of the artists we collaborate with have works in both private collections and public institutions worldwide, including MoMA in New York, Stadt Zürich, Stadt Winterthur, Museum of East Asian Art in Berlin, Geidai University Art Museum in Tokyo, Daiwa Bank, Novartis, Vontobel, Julius Bär.

When buying through Lechbinska Gallery, you know you are investing in the career of some of the most promising living artists.
Our Collectors
We work with both new and established collectors worldwide, and we aim to give accessible information and equal assistance to all our clients.

We are proud of the sense of community we have created with Lechbinska Gallery and of the interactions we have facilitated between artists and collectors.

Whether you are new to the process of buying art or very familiar with the art world, we would love to work with you. We overtake the consulting role in building a consistent art collection and developing case studies on specific artworks in the art market. We unpack complex subjects to ensure ease of understanding and clarity of art conservation so that you can prolong the life of your art collection.

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Our Partners
Since 2020, we have collaborated with international galleries, institutions, brands and private collectors to curate remarkable collections in various settings. Our partners include Ineichen Auctioneers, The Dolder Grand, Open House, Kosmos Architects, Sinokultur, Asia Society Switzerland, KKeV, and EUC. If you are interested in discussing curatorial opportunities and artistic collaborations, we would love to hear from you.

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