Dansekhwa by Hyunae Kang

When first encountering the staccato surface of blurs, gaps, superimposed and contorted marks that make up Hyunae Kang’s colour-field paintings, we find ourselves drawn into a landscape both hallucinogenic and intensely spiritual. For Kang, ‘Spirit of Dusk’ is a vision of where heaven and earth collide; the repetition of simple, almost indistinguishable brushstrokes, a practice that concentrates the mind and reveals the dependency of movement and material, lies at the root of her unique textural aesthetic.

This accumulation of substance and image is the result of a practice performed as a kind of ritual - filling and erasing, drawing and erasing, rubbing and erasing, all of which manifest a certain synaesthetic energy, reinforced by the significant scale and all-over composition of her canvases. At the same time, despite their genre-deflecting forms and visual resource, Kang’s paintings clearly refer to Dansaekwha - the principal modernist movement in twentieth century Korean art, and a cultural response to global art movements such as postwar Abstract expressionism, Art informel, Supports/Surfaces and Minimalism.
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Hyunae Kang

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