Dieter Detzner

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Dieter DetzNer

Dieter Detzner (*1970)'s work has always been about light, re-perceiving space and volume at the junction of new material assemblages. Adding different elements and different new materials to work in transparent or mirrored compositions illuminates a more spatial extension. Starting from sculptural, Dieter's creations are an accumulation of space. The mirror relationship is an important motif in his work, creating space while at the same time dissolving it. Using new industrial materials becomes a new veil of isolation from reality and gives it a new sense of order and unified character. Dieter’s work is a random but methodical structure between sculpture, installation and the ready-made. Hollowed out, superimposed, alone and hanging, Dieter always finds a way to blend the work and the space with natural light and illumination.

Dieter Detzner

Dieter Detzler
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