Lechbinska Gallery presents KOI, an exhibition whose story begins with a physical pain and a treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine. A story which then expanded into a profound meditation on loss and the process of healing. The Belgian artist duo Perbal/Bélibaste show us artworks drawn from personal memories, shared stories, and impressions of the present, offering an intimate and deep look into their artistic journey. Natural disasters and wars – all these experiences that rock our world today deeply affect their hearts and drive them to explore collective pain.

Their affinity with the philosophy of wabi-sabi and kintsukuroi permeates their art. The interpretation of these Japanese concepts is reflected in the imperfection of the materials they use, gathered from nature or second-hand sources. These materials are of crucial importance because they carry their own stories and souls, highlighting the strong bond between the artists and nature.

Most of their three-dimensional sculptures are made with threads intertwined on a water-soluble membrane, creating pieces that evoke the delicacy of Brussels lace. The creation process is meticulous and the result is extraordinary: transparent and fragile sculptures with depth and layers that challenge the limits of the medium. The materials used in their artworks evoke the fragility and preciousness of childhood, while the predominant color, a watery blue, conveys the coldness of deep sorrow.

But as the holiday season approaches, offering the promise of family gatherings and moments of happiness, it serves as a reminder that, even in the face of the world’s current tragedies, there is beauty to be found in togetherness and hope. In this spirit, Perbal/Bélibaste describes the Koi as “a guardian who guides us through the difficult moments in life. He takes us to the depths of pain and teaches us to confront it and to own it in order to transform. The Koi is an ephemeral being that floats just below the surface of the water and gives us insight and wisdom, he is able to dive into the depths of the dark water, as well as rise to the surface and see the light sky”.

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Nov 30, 17–20h | Opening in the presence of the artists
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