MIKA. The celestial odyssey

In the sprawling tapestry of the universe, where constellations and light whisper tales of ancient times and planets hide secrets of untold stories, emerged a question—Does pink have a place amongst the stars, a home amidst galaxies?

Nici Jost, a conceptual artist and photographer, and Nadine Friedel, an emerging technology expert, found themselves enraptured by an enigmatic hue and a shared intrigue about the universe. This convergence of interests gave birth to MIKA, an embodiment of AI, and fueled their unified quest for answers. Through MIKA's eyes, they sought to unveil the mysteries that lay light-years away.

Inspiration took root from the dichotomy of fear and thrill—the unknown vastness of the cosmos and its concealed marvels. Through art, technology, and astrophysics, Jost and Friedel embarked on a quest to unravel the mysteries of 504b.

Ben Moore, a distinguished astrophysics professor from the University of Zurich and book author provided the scientific foundation. AI tools ignited their path and transformed Jost’s and Friedel’s vision into texts, images and videos. Within each artwork lies a profound message—the synergy of AI and human imagination and its limitations.

Chronicling this journey were challenges and breakthroughs. Though potent, the duo discovered that generative AI is not a creator but a collaborator, a digital extension of their vision.

This isn’t just an exhibition; it is an odyssey. It invites attendees to join MIKA, Jost, and Friedel on a journey of discovery, passion, and wonder, navigating the intricate pathways between art, science, and the heart’s deepest curiosities.

Co-written with AI

Mühlebachstrasse 12
CH-8008 Zürich
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Thu – Sat 12 - 18 h
Oct 12–Oct21 visits only upon appointment

T +41 43 243 71 06
E info@lechbinska.gallery

Nici Jost
Nadine Friedel

Nov 2, 18:30h | A dialogue with Ben Moore RSVP
Nov 11, 16h | An exhibition tour with Nici Jost and Nadine Friedel RSVP
Nov 23, 18:30h | Artist in Focus: Nici Jost feat. Nadine Friedel RSVP

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