The exhibition of artists Judith Trepp and Yoojoo Kim I_lands pays homage to the 60-year anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Switzerland and S. Korea. Both artists address the personal and emotional aspects of “relationship” in its widest and most profound sense. Judith Trepp in works on linen and on paper, Yoojoo Kim with sculptures in ceramic.

The exhibition title refers to the poem "Islands" by S. Korean poet Hyun-jung Jeong in which he portrays the island as a place “in-between”; a symbolic place where interpersonal exchanges and communication take place. Trepp and Kim have very different cultural backgrounds, however a common core. Both address a deeper level than the rational or intellectual, a level in which emotional exchange prevails. It is this very important quality implicit in both artists’ work; the space in-between, that offers the viewer an opportunity to step out of the concerns of the everyday into a moment of contemplative dialogue.
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Judith Trepp
Yoojoo Kim

Aug 26, 16-20h | Opening in the presence of the artists
Aug 27, 11-13h | Brunch with artists. RSVP
Sep 1, 18h | Lecture on materiality by Natascha Fischer-Vaidya. RSVP
Sep 7, 18:30h | Members get-together with Asia Society Switzerland
Sep 15, 18h | Tour for RUNDUMKERAMIK by Yujin Kim. RSVP
Sep 22, 18-20h | Finissage
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