About the Artist

YOH NAGAO / 長尾 洋

YOH NAGAO / 長尾 洋(*1981) is a Yokohama-born and Nagoya-raised Japanese contemporary artist who is passionate to pursue his artistic and philosophical theme “We will be the indigenous people of the future” by combining painting and collage in his art pieces. Nagao is one of Japan's leading international artists and since his much-acclaimed solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2009, his works have been exhibited around the world including in Switzerland, London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Spain, and Tokyo, Miami, Los Angeles and Mexico.

In the international competition, the ARTAQ Urban Art Award awarded him an honorable mention at the Collage division of France. In 2008, his work was exhibited in the famous boutique Colette in Paris. In recent years, Nagao has been invited to No Commission hosted by Bacardi USA and HipHop producer Swizzbeatz, made the art visuals for a European Asics limited edition sneaker campaign and illustrations for the JRA Chukyo Racecourse annual campaign in 2015. Furthermore, he has been featured in world-renowned magazines such as JUXTAPOZ (USA), NewYorkTimes, DAZED AND CONFUSED (UK), LODOWN (Germany), dpi (Taiwan).

Yoh Nagao at "Collecting Ainu", 2022.
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