Han Feng / 韩锋 (*1972) lives and works recently in Berlin and Shanghai as painting and installation artist. His artworks explore to use paintings or installations to reproduce the traces of different characteristics of utensils. These traces reveal what is the guide in the process of cognizing things in order to promote continuous evolution. He try to create various imaginary spaces that contain more different sets of cognition to approach the Truth.

Han Feng attended the Art Institute of Harbin Normal University, before graduating with an MA from Art Institute of Shanghai University.

The delicate sensibility in Han Feng's work is the same whether he is working in oil on canvas or in folded paper sculptural installations, and come from his training in traditional ink painting being applied to new methods and materials. He is an artist who feels deeply the physical and emotional conditions of contemporary life, and offers us an awakening to its meaning.

Han Feng won the Grand Jury Award in the 2008 Annual Creative New Artists Competition, M50 Art Gallery and the First Prize in the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize (China) 2010. He has had solo exhibitions at Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK, 2012; Aroundspace, Shanghai, 2011; Flying circles, MOCA, Shanghai, 2010; Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2009.

Han Feng participated in group exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art Bogota, Colombia and Contemporary Art Center of Wifredo Lam, Havana, Cuba 2012; Ushuaia Biennial, Argentina, 2011; "+follow" group exhibition (MOCA) Shanghai, 2010; Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, 2008; Museo Della Permanente, Milan, 2008; and "The Backup for New Art," group exhibition of "the Post 70s Artists," Beijing, 2000.

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Han Feng
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