Luo Mingjun (*1963) is an internationally acclaimed Swiss artist, who explores the notions of identity and memory. Her art is an expression of her life experience, the interweaving of her Chinese origins and her new Swiss foundation.

Born in 1963 in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China, Luo Mingjun studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Hunan Normal University from 1979 to 1983, specializing in oil painting. In the same institution, she worked as an assistant drawing teacher, earning the prestigious Hunan Province Award in 1984. The following year, she co-founded the “Group 0 Art”, a collective of avant-garde artists that contributed to the Chinese art scene.

The year 1987 marks a crucial turning point in her life when she marries a Swiss citizen and subsequently settles in Biel. This significant change generated a combination of diverse and contrasting emotions Although it was initially a tough challenge to rediscover herself and her artistic language in this occidental reality, Mingjun succeeded in discovering and making her own neutral space, which she found in her atelier, where there is the chance to exchange and reflect, a third country.

  • Upcoming
    Sep 5, 2024
    Solo Exhibition

    Nov 8-10, 2024
    WestBund Art & Design Fair, Shanghai
  • Past
    May 9-12, 2024
    ART BUSAN, South Korea

    WestBund Art & Design Fair, Shanghai