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PERBAL/BÉLIBASTE share a home, family, studio and artistic work. In recent years, they have created a collection of visual artwork with a special individuality. Personal memories, their shared history and their own impression of the current times form the most important starting point. The duo tells its story from subtleties and deliberately chooses the path of stillness. Hierarchy has no place in their collaboration. Whose idea it was initially is of no importance. Ideas mix in a symbiotic way and create a fascinating dynamic.

The artist duo cannot easily be classified in a tradition or art movement; they probably express themselves best in the figurative, although they may occasionally produce abstract works. Their work looks fragile and is usually made of thread in combination with wood, stone, metal or other natural materials.

Perbal/Bélibaste are autodidact.

Perbal / Bélibaste
Perbal / Bélibaste
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